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The intention of this ePortfolio was to create an ever evolving medium from which I could archive and showcase my journey of Instructional Design.  I have to admit that when we started this process, I was out of my comfort zone on many levels, even though I’ve been taught how to develop and execute educational lesson plans.  The concept of Instructional Design is much deeper than anything that I’ve learned up to this point and I find myself struggling to simply grasp simple concepts that someone in my position would expect to be common knowledge.  I now have a whole new respect for educators who can bring the full potential of ID to bear in the classroom.

​The reason I chose a Showcase portfolio over an accountability or process portfolio stemmed greatly from my desire to better prepare myself for a time when I actually need to be able to articulate the fundamentals of Instructional Design and understand how weak or strong I am in each of the Competencies.

​I attempted to develop a profile that would speak to a number of my personality traits and show off my evolving understanding of ID.  When looking at the Competencies that best represent my strengths in the realm of ID, I believe that I have Professional Foundations down fairly well.  I believe this is the one aspect of my current work environment that is best supported by the competencies.  I also believe I have a fairly strong background in Design and Development, at least from the base level.  I wouldn’t say that I’m into the advanced stage, but my hope that once this program is over I will reach that milestone.  The artifact that I chose to include into my portfolio is a good example of some of the strides I’ve made in Design and Development.  Working with a collaborative team to create a well developed product that uses all aspects of technology to be able to teach a student that doesn’t have the benefit of classroom instruction.

My biggest weaknesses fall into Planning and Analysis, Evaluation and Implementation, and Management.  These are aspects of my current situation that I haven’t had a lot of exposure with.  I do know that Planning and analysis along with Design and Development are likely two of the most difficult competencies to work based solely on how difficult it is to gauge learning and comprehension in and out of the classroom.  I hope to better understand all of the competencies better as this portfolio progresses.  I hope to be able to implement all of them effectively at some point and be able to provide my students/colleagues a healthy learning environment.