Keyotic was born out of a desire to bring value to others and share my experience in life and career to help others grow and prosper. Initially conceived through introduction to the John Maxwell Team of Coaches and Trainers, I understood the excitement I found conveying knowledge to others and helping them grow as a teacher and trainer.
Twenty years in the military seeing all level of mentorship, leadership and coaching both receiving and providing helped me to understand how unprepared future leaders are. Most people are simply “tossed” into roles they are never prepared, or ready for and expected to learn. I want to remove that “sink or swim” mindset and prepare others to be great leaders.
Fear of the unknown can be a limiting factor in any person’s development and for so many people, who they are and what they are capable of is an unknown so many avoid it out of fear and never reach their full potential or remove the barriers to success. Many struggle with the dichotomy of order and chaos in their lives, hoping to embrace the order and avoid the chaos. But there is beauty in the chaos, and there is an inherent order to it if you remove the fear.
The quote above is so appropriate for this idea. How much can you achieve in life if you can only see past the fear? Keyotic….”cha·ot·ic” is something in turmoil. If a person is comfortable and safe they are not going to grow or change. When someone faces fear, accepts turmoil, turns their world upside down to accept change, the chaotic nature of the world forges a new person.