Response For Proposal

Mindful Design – Response For Proposal

Training context – We needed to develop a conceptual proposal for a one day workshop focusing on mindfulness and emotional intelligence to provide at risk teens with skills and tools to handle anger, stress, and bullying.

Single or joint collaboration – Joint Collaboration in a team of three with a project manager

Why this artifact has been chosen – It’s the first response for proposal I’ve ever done in the Instructional Design realm

When this item was implemented/created – April 2016

Artifact description – Screenshots of a powerpoint slideshow with written blog post describing the process and problem.  The blog discusses the project, the design theories we used and the though process for how to answer the request.

Knowledge competencies supported – Professional Foundations: 1,2,3, 4; Planning and Analysis: 6,7,8; Design and Development 10, 11, 15; Management: 22 achieved, 20 and 21 practiced.